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(*An orphan bride is someone who got married and had a photographer who turned over a disc of files to her and said, “Bye! It was nice, but it’s time to move on!”
All of a sudden this bride is armed with a disc of files and absolutely no idea what to do with it.
The result is she never gets any prints made of her wedding - never gets an album done. more... )

This service is for the Newly-Weds left
with only a CD/DVD or Flash Card
full of their precious photographs


We can help you!


Some photographers give you the camera files
- files that are not even color corrected.
We can color correct and adjust your photos to professional standards.

Once you are satisfied and select your special photographs
we will consult with you and help you build your own
Custom Designed Wedding Album.

We can also print your photographs.
Any number - any Size
Large Portraits on Canvas or Metallic Photo Paper

e-mail me or Call 610-730-6456 now!

The longer you wait - the more likely
you will never get your Professional Wedding Album.

You don't have to stay an Orphaned Bride.