How we make your Wedding Day SPECIAL
and you photographs Amazing


It all starts about a month before your wedding day!

1. Site Preview:
We meet at the church/ceremony location and visit the location to discuss your preferences and find out from the minister/priest the location where the bride and bridesmaids will be and where the groomsmen and groom will be. I get a chance to see the lighting and find out what I am allowed to do before, during and after the ceremony.

From there we visit the area(s) where you may want your environmental/romantic photos taken.
It is here where you may tell me what you would like, and where I will make suggestions as to how and where to take various poses with you new husband, and also with your wedding party. As an added bonus, I can take engagement photos is you wish.

Next we will visit your reception location to get more information as to your entrance, seating placement and for me lighting and areas for photo opportunities.

If you are getting ready nearby or at your parents home, we will visit the location of your home and the groom's home/location.

All the while we will be chatting about your dreams and wishes for the day and I will be noting the travel time between the various locations.

The Night Before!

2. Wedding Rehearsal:
I attend the wedding rehearsal. There I meet your parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. I get a chance to interact with your families, so they know who I am. As the minister/priest goes through the practice, I get a good idea as to how your wedding ceremony will happen, which allows me to be ready for the special moments that will happen. We also go over last minute changes and timing.

Wedding Day!

3. Your Wedding Day:
With two photographers, my assistant, Anita, will arrive at your home about an hour before you are to leave for the ceremony. She will photograph your flowers, shoes, jewelry, wedding dress, girls getting ready, you putting on your dress, etc.

I will arrive at the groom's location and photograph your husband-to-be, with his friends/groomsmen, having fun and getting ready. Once they leave to go to the church/ceremony, I will come to your home to take a few beautiful photos of you in your wedding dress, with your father, mother and other family members, with your bridesmaids, and finally leaving your home (for the last time as a single women) - your father escorting you to the limo/auto.

Upon your arrival at the church/ceremony location, Anita will be with you and the bridesmaids, I will be with your husband-to-be and the groomsmen, to capture a the final moments before your wedding ceremony.

Both of us, Anita and I, will be photographing your entrance, processional ,throughout your ceremony, and recessional. After the ceremony we will setup and take the formal photographs of you, you and your new husband, both of you with the family members you designate.

From the church/ceremony location, we will go to the location selected for the environmental/romantic photographs.

Then it is off to the reception. We photograph the table settings, special floral arrangements, guest favors, your wedding cake, and any other items you made specially for your guests.
We capture candid photographs of your families and guests, your formal entrance, toasts, cake cutting, first dance, special dances with mom & dad, and any other special groups you wish. We stay until the end, capturing the bouquet and garter toss and final dance.

Your Amazing Photographs!

4. Proof Presentation:
Once all of the photographs are edited and assembled, I produce a Proof Slideshow on a CD with music of your choice. I will contact you when it is ready, and ask you to invite your parents and close friends over to your or your parents home for the Presentation of your Wedding Photographs.

The First Time you see your Wedding Photographs they will be LIFE-SIZE, projected onto a 70" Screen!

Can you imagine seeing your entire day - just like you were there, walking around and watching everything?

To most couples, the day went by so fast, it was like a blur. You will see your wedding day from the perspective of two photographers, as a seamless portrayal of your entire Wedding Day.

After one of my Proof Presentations, that was attended by two of the wedding couple's grandmothers, one of them turned to the other and said, "Mary, we just went to a Wedding, and we didn't even have to get up off the couch"!

You will have this Proof CD to play again on your anniversary to remember and relive your Wedding Day.

And that is just the beginning.

After the Presentation you will receive a printed Proof Book, Bride's Brag Book (ask me about this), from which you will select the special photographs that we will assemble into your selected keepsake Professional Wedding Album.

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