Custom Photoshop Actions




  • the most under utilized
  • the most dreaded
  • the most misunderstood
  • the most time saving
  • the most modifiable
  • the most satisfying

function that you can use in Photoshop

If you have to repeat the same list of moves or corrections
on a more than 5 images.
You should create and ACTION to do it.


From a short list of 5 to 10 images to a directory of 500 to a 1000 images
ACTIONS can be a God-send.



Yet most users shy away from utilizing ACTIONS because:

  • it takes too much time to set one up
  • I don't want to take the time to learn how
  • I'm afraid I might make a mistake

Now there is no longer an excuse
not to have your own treasure chest
of Custom ACTIONS.

For a nominal fee,
I will create a Custom ACTION
to perform that repetative task
that you need for your project.

E-mail or call me with the
task that you want to perform.

I will create a Custom ACTION
for you - complete with instructions.

Fee Rates:
per line - - - $2.00
minimum per action - - - $10.00

phone: 610-758-9769
weekdays between 10 AM & 4 PM

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